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You can simply buy our rigs. But we also offer two methods for you to get the rigs for free.

Good Animator

You make a great animation using our rigs, and you send us an online link of your video to let us decide if we like your work or not.
If we like your work, we will let you pick one or more than one rigs for free. But you also have to agree with the following terms:

  1. You give us credit and mention our website under your online video description.

  2. You send us your Maya animation file and allow us to use your video for future marketing promotion. We will give you credit for sure if we use your work. 

  3. You understand that it's difficult for us to be objective when judging your works. But we try our best to be fair for everyone, and we reserve the rights to decide how many rigs we will give you.

Note: We only consider animation which is using our character rigs!

Good YouTuber

  • You are an amazing YouTuber, which means you make great videos and you have a great number of subscribers.

  • You decide to make a new video using our rigs. It can be an animation tutorial, a character rig review, or anything interesting. 

  • Please send us an email first along with your YouTube channel address to let us decide if we want to collaborate with you.

  • If we decide to work with you, we will let you pick one rig file first to make one video. You will need to give us credit and mention our website under your online video description.

  • If we like your video and you are also planning to make more videos using our rigs, we will let you pick another rig for free. After you make 5 videos using our rigs, you can have all our rigs for free. We reserve the rights to stop collaborating with you if we think the videos you make are not good.​

If you think you are qualified with any of these two conditions above, please send us an email at Due to a large number of emails, we can only reply to people who are qualified.


Edited on March 24th, 2019

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