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What's this website about?

We are the leading online retailer providing high-end digital character puppets for professionals and students. Most of our customers use our products to produce their own 3D animation which can be a personal demo reel or a short film.

What is character rig?

A character rig is a digital character puppet used to produce computer animated animation. Our products are digital files can be opened by a software called Autodesk Maya. The software versions we currently support are Maya 2015 and above.

What's our mission?

We believe that making animation is not only a job for people to make a living but also a form of art that people can enjoy. The problem is that there aren't many good character rigs in the market for people to choose.  Therefore, We provide you appealing characters which are made by the most advanced technology applied in the industry.  We want you to enjoy the process of animating a character and embrace yourself with joy and pride.

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