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Our Works

What's the software you are using?

Autodesk Maya, and we support all versions. Our rigs can also be exported to a game engine like Unreal or Unity.


What rigs can you build?

Cartoon Character Rigs (Facial + Body, Squash, Stretch, Local-scale, exaggerated set up)

VFX Creature Rig (Facial + Body, wrinkles, realistic setups)

Game Rigs (FBX rig export)

Digital Avatar (FBX rig export)

Our Advantage

We have developed a cutting-edge rig pipeline to ensure our rig is powerful, stable, and initiative, just like these on our website.  All our rigs are supported by our animation tool.

Our Clients

We are proud to serve several top-notch companies in the industry which include Unity, Tencent Games, YGGDRAZIL Group, TikTok, etc.

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